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Argosheen Carpet Cleaner (1gl)

Argosheen Carpet Cleaner (1gl)

Item # ARGO-GL

Argosheen is the world's greatest carpet cleaner! The only cleaning solvent that lifts dirt out of carpet with no additional labor when alternated with vacuuming. Safe for soil resistant carpets on all colors and fibers. Can be used also on hard surfaces. Easiest , fastest , least expensive carpet cleaning method available, will add several years of life to your carpets.

Do away with shampoo machines, carpet sweepers, pile lifters, wet vacs, blocking rooms. and special personnel for shampooing and " spotting ."

Expect carpets to last 2 and 3 times longer, because there's no scrubbing involved, and Argosheen not only removes soil but allows carpets to be rinsed as well - and without fear of shrinkage.

Just saturate your mop with Argosheen and sweep! Surface trash and soil are removed, and the next layer of dirt is brought closer to the top to be removed with the next cleaning. The Argosheen method eliminates labor costs, because it is simply used in place of your regular daily cleaning method

1 Gallon


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