Simoniz Mega Shine Floor Finish (5gl)

Item # CS0657005


High Solids Floor Finish

A revolutionary new polymer package formulated for a brilliant "off the mop gloss" that is long lasting. This unique chemistry results in a high gloss, long wearing, and quick curing sealer/finish. Although this product achieves a harder floor finish film, it can also be used in the most aggressive retail maintenance programs. Works great on vinyl tile, linoleum, sealed wood, terrazzo, rubber, asbestos tile, asphalt tile, and concrete.

- Type: Floor Finish
- Style: Acrylic Polymer
- Scent: Polymer/Solvent
- Color: Milky White
- pH: 8:0
- Solids: 25%
- Gloss: High
- Dry Time: <30 min
- Coverage: 2500 - 3000 sq.ft.
- Slip Coef: 0.57
- Dilution: RTU
- Size: 5 Gallon
- Pack: 1