Simoniz Zip Strip Floor Stripper (5gl)

Item # Z6050005


Active Floor Stripper

A highly active floor stripper that cuts multiple layers of burnished floor finish. This is a true no scrub/no rinse stripper that does not contain any caustic. This highly active formulation saves on labor costs as it quickly liquefies all floor finishes. This stripper is a must for all retail programs. Highly dilutable and low odor. Can be used on vinyl tile, concrete, asbestos tile, linoleum, rubber and terrazzo.

- Type: Floor Stripper
- Style: Finish Remover
- Scent: Charactaristic
- Color: Transparent
- pH: 11.5
- Dilution: 1:32 - 1:8
- Foam: Low
- Size: 5 Gallon
- Pack: 1