HyFlex Work Gloves #8 (12) B/Y

Item # ANS115008

$103.42 $24.99 $78.43

HyFlex Ultra Lightweight Assembly Gloves

Armor up with HyFlex® work gloves. Close "second skin" fit prevents snags while improving dexterity. Superior Kevlar® cut and puncture protection keeps workers safe, allowing them to handle sharp objects with confidence. Nitrile palm and finger coating enhances gripping performance, even in oily conditions. Silicone- and latex-free design ensures sticky-residue-free performance and alleviates concerns regarding allergic reactions.

- Type: Gloves
- Style: Nitrile/Kevlar
- Color: Black/Yellow
- Size: 8
- Strength: Light Duty
- Pack: 12
- Stock: 5