Push Broom 13" Smooth Sweep

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Housekeeper Smooth Sweep Push Broom

Works great on all indoor/outdoor smooth surface applications, including wood, laminate, vinyl, tile and smooth concrete. It is especially intended for smaller spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, or small sheds and garages. Lightweight yet strong, durable construction, 7 rows of flagged bristles catch even the small dirt particles the first time. 48" long, electrostatic powder coated steel handle paint forms to any handle dings and will not chip or rust. LLDPE molded hanger tip with hanger hole for convenient storage.

- Type: Push Broom
- Color: Green
- Bristles: Recycled PET
- Size: 2.25"
- Block: 11" Polypro
- Size: 13" x 2.25"
- Handle: 48" Steel
- Pack: 1
- Stock: 2